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Emergency & Trauma: we are here to save lives of Patients with life and limb threatening injuries by an organized, highly-trained, Doctors, Nurses and trained staff team dedicated to their care. We are here 24 hours a day to serve patients who have suffered major trauma.
Chronic Disease Management: When we or our loved one are dealing with a medical problem, finding the right specialist can make all the difference in the world for recovery and peace of mind At Mure Memorial Hospital , we have an extensive staff of specialty physicians and programs providing community-based care with world-class expertise.  Select an icon to learn more about the medical specialties we provide.

Our programs can educate and assist you with managing conditions and diseases like:

High Blood pressure, high cholesterol


Surgery: It can be a scary thing to hear, especially when it means you or a loved one needs surgery. You and your family may go through a roller coaster of emotions during the process. You want to know what will happen, and you want to be confident that your surgeon and team are highly qualified, that they listen well, and that they are available to explain what’s happening.

Our Surgery department features:
Minimally Invasive Surgery
General Surgery
Women’s Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Outpatient Surgery

Orthopedics: We deals and heal bone, joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries and conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis.  We offer medical and surgical care that includes experienced board certified surgeons and excellent technology.

We undertake the following :

1. Hip replacement and resurfacing
2. Total and partial knee replacement
3. Spine Surgery
4. Hand Surgery
5. Foot and ankle Surgery
6. Fracture Repair

Women's Services: We know that women tend to be the primary caregivers in families, and as such, they must first take care of themselves before they can take care of others. At our Women’s Health centre patients have access to Comprehensive Pelvic

Floor Program
Our Labor and Delivery Unit  provides specialized care and support for all families having a child at Mission Hospital. Mother – Baby Unit
where families learn to confidently care for their new baby
Women Surgery Unit in that cares for women requiring complex surgery or cancer treatment Minimally invasive Surgery In addition to treating illnesses, our staff work to address the preventative and wellness aspects of women's health. Board certified physicians in obstetrics and gynecology diagnose, treat and counsel women from adolescence through reproductive years and menopause. Using advanced techniques along with traditional methods, physicians and midwives on staff at Mission Hospital are able to meet a woman's health needs whether she's having her first gynecological exam, her first baby or her first mammogram.


Pastoral Care Services: Mission Hospital's Pastoral Care Department embodies our core value of mercy as we seek to meet the spiritual needs of patients, families, and staff members. 

Chaplains practice the sacred work of healing within the medical center by offering compassionate care to the whole person, respecting individual patients' beliefs and needs. As chaplains, we emphasize the strengths of every individual; promote spiritual and emotional well-being; and seek justice and peace. 

Services We Provide
The Pastoral Care Department provides spiritual support for persons who desire it in the medical center — patients, families, and staff members. We seek to help persons discover and use their own spiritual resources to cope with life's crises and difficulties. We are available to persons of all faiths, as well as to those who claim no particular beliefs.
We offer:
Trauma ministry 24 hours a day.
Regular and seasonal worship opportunities in the chapels on each campus
Ongoing ministry to patients, families, and staff members in a variety of settings throughout the medical center. Sacramental ministries are available by request.

Support in times of grief and loss

Information and education to interested persons on spiritual and cultural diversity issues


Long-Term Acute Care: We offers a new option in care.  Many patients with complex medical needs benefit from a level of hospital care called long term acute hospital care. In Mure Patients are given the extended time and  specialized level of care and services they need to help them obtain the maximum level of recovery. 

For patients and families - Provides loved ones with specialized care, and allows them the extended time they need to heal and regain their strength. For referring Physician Provides referring physicians the freedom to be consultants, thus continue their relationships with our patients, and transfer primary care to the Hospitalist physician.

Psychiatric Services: We provide short-term inpatient care for those who need crisis stabilization, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient services. We provide services to adults, adolescents and children. We also offer a 24-hour emergency evaluation and referral service.
Pathology Lab:

Our Lab Services offers:

A Full Menu of Diagnostic Tests

State of the Art Analyzers and Methodology

Knowledgeable and Professional Staff 



Support Staff
24x7 Ambulance Services: 24x7 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides emergency medical service to the patients of Nagpur and outside area ,When somebody calls us for a medical emergency, 24x7 EMS paramedics assess, treat, and transport the patient to a hospital emergency department. We also provide First aid treatment in Ambulance.  

Rehabilitation & Therapy: Rehabilitation and Therapy services exist to promote maximum functioning for a full life. We offers the medical care, therapy, and education that allow you to regain and maintain health, build strength, and improve sports performance. Inpatient services include one-on-one treatment from experienced professionals. The same therapies and level of individualized care are also available through our outpatient services, where your health and fitness needs are met by physical therapists certified in diverse treatment methods. This ensures ongoing support following discharge from the hospital and also includes special programs and services to serve the sports and fitness needs of people at every age and ability.

Outpatient Services
Mission Rehabilitation's outpatient services are staffed by highly qualified and experienced health professionals using the best technology and therapies available.

Our outstanding programs include: Rehabilitation and Fitness Center

Fall Prevention Program :Evaluate, identify and address risk factors to reduce falls and fall-related injuries.

Speech Therapy :Traditional speech therapy is offered through pediatric rehabilitation.

Inpatient Services:   Rehabilitation is a priority during your time. Recovery begins immediately following surgery and is considered as an integral part of treatment for your illness. Mission follows a team approach so your physician can determine which therapeutic services are the best for you and you can count on having the team immediately in-place to provide occupational, speech , or physical therapy and teach you how to regain and maintain maximum functioning.  

Senior Services:
Our  main goals is to promote, maintain and enhance the health of our region's senior citizens. We take great pride in providing compassion along with advanced technology  to achieve this goal.  

 What  Senior Services we Offer?
We've worked diligently to deliver quality care and services to seniors. To date, programs and services include:

Geriatric Consultation Service: Bridges the gap between acute care medicine and palliative medicine while improving quality of care and patient safety for older adult patients. 

Delirium Prevention and Treatment Program
Caring for Aging Parents Education and Support Program

Health Education Programs :Helps area seniors to remain active and well-informed about their health.   

Volunteering Opportunities: Provides seniors with rewarding work throughout Mission Hospital.
24 hours Pharmacy:

Pharmacy offers:

1. Competitive prescription prices
2. Prompt, courteous service
3. Short wait times
4. Prescription refills available
5. A printed patient information sheet for every prescription filled 
6. Carrying a full line of vitamins and herbs
7. Located in the campus itself.

Hours: 24
Monday – Sunday

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